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Analysis of common real estate disputes
Publisher: Zhiyu Lawyer Clicks:805  Last updated: 2020-08-06

  Property dispute phenomenon scan

  Real estate disputes have been plaguing the real estate industry disease, careful analysis of the cause of the dispute, the industry believes that mainly concentrated in the occupancy stage, after the occupancy of the area problems, quality problems, change planning, property management disputes and the delayed management of property rights and other disputes are increasing。The pre-occupancy dispute reflects the more common is the deposit problem。

  The area is always difficult to say

  When handing in the room, the owner often finds that there are problems with the area: first, there is an error between the area of the property right registration and the area agreed in the contract;Second, there is an error between the area measured by the owner and the contract area。In the former case, according to the contract and legal provisions, the owner can find the basis to reason with the developer or solve the problem according to law;In the latter case, it is difficult to solve。First, the property certificate has not been done, the developer often refuses to take the property registration area as the standard, to be dealt with after the property certificate office;On the other hand, the owner can not come up with authoritative measurement results as a basis, based on the theory with the developer, so that the area dispute is difficult to say and can not be solved。

  The problem of leakage and cracks is worrying

  Housing quality disputes are still the focus of various disputes, and unlike previous years, due to the increase in the total amount of development and sales and the increase in the size of the community, leakage, cracks, decoration and other disputes are often common in a community, thus forming group disputes。A residential area due to leakage problems formed hundreds of owners and developers disputes, the impact is great。There are many such group disputes in Xi 'an。

  Change the layout and change the taste

  Some residential areas will be originally planned green space, community supporting facilities and public buildings into other profitable buildings or office housing, or expansion, construction, change the plot ratio and building spacing。The change of planning not only affects the living environment and quality of the owner, but also seriously affects its ventilation and lighting, and for the developer, it will cause bad effects of bad faith。Therefore, for planning changes, developers should be more careful。

  Property management lacks family affection

  Property management disputes are undoubtedly a hot spot in this year's disputes, because it involves charges, service quality, security, the relevant rights and interests of the owners' committee and other aspects, so the property management disputes are complex and involve a wide range of people。The root cause is the lack of legislative norms and the indifference of public legal consciousness. Of course, property management in our country, especially in this city, is still in the development stage。

  Property certificates are hard to come by

  After the owner has moved in, there are many cases of delays in getting the real estate certificate, and some are often owners of a building or even a community who can't get the real estate certificate, thus forming a large number of disputes, which has a large impact and is quite difficult to solve。The reason is often caused by the non-standard real estate market in previous years, incomplete developer procedures or non-payment of relevant taxes and fees。With the strengthening of market rectification and the strengthening of self-discipline of developers, such disputes are bound to be greatly reduced。

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